Obagi products & blue peel rejuvenation

Even with the healthiest lifestyle… UV rays, pollution and ageing will take their toll on your skin. Obagi skin care products have been scientifically developed to combat the processes that lead to ageing and sun-damaged skin. The Obagi products form a unique unparalleled product range of prescription-only skin treatments that will dramatically improve the appearance and complexion of your skin.

 Obagi nuderm system

Nuderm is a system of creams that will give your skin a youthful radiance, purity and clarity. It is also particularly effective at reducing sunspots and freckles to even out skin tone. It contains prescription-only treatments that will give you results to your complexion that everyone will be noticing.

 Blue peel

Obagi blue peel takes the nuderm system one stage further. Enhance the effects of nuderm by achieving additional age-defying skin tightening of a mini facelift without having surgery. The blue peel can do so much more than surgery as it will improve complexion including reduction of pore size, flattening of fine lines and improvement of acne scarring.

It is essential to use nuderm prior to a blue peel and also for conditioning of the skin for some months after your peel. Better results are obtained for acne scarring if blue peel is preceeded by genuine dermaroller

 Elastiderm eye treatment

Elastiderm contains a unique ingredient that has been designed to help restore elasticity and reduce fine lines around the eye area. Elastiderm is not a moisturiser, instead it can change the architecture in the skin to improve elasticity and strength to the fragile skin around the eyes. Elastiderm comes as a cream, gel or serum complex.


Elastilash is an eyelash solution that will promote a natural improvement to the health of your eyelashes so that they become thicker and fuller in just 6 weeks

There are many more products in the Obagi range. Make a free no-obligation appointment at S-Tox clinic to discuss your skin needs and what treatment would best suit your skin.

I love nuderm, so many people commented that my skin was looking good. Then I had the blue peel and it really has totally transformed my skin - its so clear and smooth.

Mrs E, Chelmsford
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